The Antler Club of Lucinda
231 Sunset Drive
Lucinda, Pa 16235
Phone: 814-227-2830




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Rules and Regulations

The Antler Club of Lucinda is Located in Northern Clarion County, Pennsylvania


You can download a registration form at and you can make copies of the form.

You may register at the clubhouse on the following dates and times: Sunday, February 6th, from noon until 4pm, Sunday, January 30th, 2011 from noon until 4 pm.

Registration runs from Sunday, Nov. 28th, 2011 to Thursday, Feb. 10th, 2011. Self-addressed stamped envelope must accompany registration form. More than one application per envelope is acceptable.

You may register at Rt. 66 Sporting Goods, or at Maurer’s Trading Post in Franklin, or at Jerry’s Grocery in Lucinda.

The hunt will start on Friday, Feb. 11th, 2011 at 12:01 am and end on Sunday, Feb. 13th, 2011 at 4 pm. ALL COYOTES MUST BE WEIGHED IN BY 4 P.M. SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 13th at the ANTLER CLUB CLUBHOUSE in LUCINDA.

The Antler Club of Lucinda will donate $300.00 toward the payout.

Registration fee is $15. $5 will go the club and $10 will be paid out in prize money.

Coyotes may be weighed in: Saturday, Feb. 12th, from 4pm until 8pm, and Sunday Feb. 13th, from 11am until 4pm.

Coyotes must be killed the days and times of the hunt. Coyotes must be taken legally.

Participants must have a valid hunting license, or fur takers license, and registration card.

The hunt is statewide and any legal method can be used to harvest a coyote.

The Antler Club reserves the right to have an autopsy performed on the animal if we feel the animal was kept in a pen or was taken illegally or weight added. THE DECISION OF THE ANTLER CLUB IS FINAL.

Any violation of the Pennsylvania Game Laws and Rules of the hunt will result in that person or group being disqualified.

Not responsible for any and all accidents.


All coyotes will be weighed and the poundage added totaled.

Prize money will be paid per pound (prize money divided by total poundage of all coyotes equals price per pound). Example: $1000 of prize money divided by 100 pounds of coyotes equals $10 per pound.

With this system smaller coyotes are worth the same price per pound as the large ones. The bigger the dog the bigger the pay. In 2010 the pay out was $4.07 per pound. Example—a 30 lb. coyote was paid $120.21.

One coyote per $15 entry fee.

This year the Antler Club is offering 2 more prizes. One for the largest male coyote and one for the largest female coyote. Entries are optional and the entry fee is $5.00 for each contest. Participants must be entered in the regular Antler Club Coyote Contest. ALL money collected for those contests will be awarded to the winners. Participants may enter one or both. Entry fees must be sent at the time of registration in the general hunt.
From Interstate: Take I 80 Shippenville exit (Exit 60) merge onto Route 66 north 10.2 Miles. Just past church by the school buses on right, turn onto Sunset Dr. for 1.5 miles clubhouse is on the right.
From KANE: Go south on Route 66 to Lucinda; turn left after the school buses before the church onto Sunset Dr. Club is 1.5 miles on the right.